We are celebrating UHA’s 10+ year anniversary by honoring our employees and providers, showcasing how far we have come, and sharing our evolution! Since its inception, the medical foundation has grown significantly and achieved exceptional milestones strengthening Stanford Health Care’s reputation and reach. These achievements would not have been possible without the hard work of our dedicated employees and providers.

Share Your Stories

We hope you’ll let us know how you and your team are celebrating. Send photos, videos, and memorable moments at UHA over the years! The deadline to submit stories is Thursday, March 31 at 5:00 pm.

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Schedule of Events

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10+ Year Anniversary Kickoff

10:00 am—Join us virtually for the 10+ year anniversary kickoff. UHA leadership will introduce the exciting events to come, what to expect, and how to get involved.

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Trivia Day

How well do you know UHA? Show off your skills by 5:00 pm today!

Watch Taylor Cannon, Vice President, Strategic Planning and Market Development, announcing the UHA trivia day winners »

And the winners are Evelyn Bornasal, Karina Erazo, Donna Fountain, Hilary Garrigan, Rita Hom, Brandy Hood, Kelly Moore, Vanessa Ochoa, and Ankit Patel.

Team Spirit Day

There were so many amazing photos and videos showing UHA Team Spirit – it was hard to pick just one. Thank you to everyone who participated and got into the spirit of the day!

Laura Grubb, Administrative Director, Human Resources, is announcing the UHA Team Spirit Day Winners in this video »

#MMCPeds Team Photo

#MMCPeds: We are UHA Spirit Video


Town Hall Lunch

12:00 pm—Let’s have lunch together during our virtual town hall. Your manager or team leader will take your order ahead of time!

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Once you click on the link above, you will need to enter Passcode: 703533 to join the meeting.


Looking Forward

We will wrap up the week with a nod to the past, celebration of today, and a glimpse of our future together. Keep your eyes open for an email with a closing message from leadership and a link to view our slideshow of the week’s activities.








Our Journey Together

Then and Now 

Watch the video that tells the story of our strong partnership and shared success over the last decade.

Recognizing Years of Service with UHA

View the UHA Employee Service awards video recognizing employees with 5 and 10+ years of service with UHA.

How Far We Have Come

Download our infographic about UHA’s major milestones including network optimization, patient experience, growth, and a look forward.

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